Episode 22

Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation - Jason McIntosh and Jacqueline Ashwell


December 19th, 2019

36 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

Jason McIntosh and Jacqueline Ashwell join the Titans to talk about the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation, IFComp, Narrascope and everything else Interactive Fiction.

Find more about the IFTF online at https://iftechfoundation.org/

Episode Links

  • IFTF Programs
  • IFTF Accessibility Testing Report
  • The Interactive Fiction Competition — An annual celebration of new, text-driven digital games and stories from independent creators.
  • Cragne Manor — Cragne Manor is a text adventure commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Michael Gentry's Anchorhead. It's also a huge, ridiculous experimental collaboration.
  • IntroComp — IntroComp is an annual competition where participants develop excerpts of interactive fiction, gain feedback from audience reactions, and use this feedback to release a fantastic final product.
  • NarraScope — NarraScope is a new games conference that supports interactive narrative, adventure games, and interactive fiction by bringing together writers, developers, and players.
  • Interactive Fiction Community Forum
  • IFDB — The Interactive Fiction Database is an IF game catalog and recommendation engine.
  • The Short Game — The Short Game is a podcast celebration of video game storytelling and craft, in video games you’ll actually finish.
  • Club Floyd — Each week a group of people meet online to cooperatively play a game of interactive fiction.
  • Spring Thing 2020 — Spring Thing is an annual online festival celebrating new interactive fiction from all kinds of people.